• 1/2 June - The LAMM - Isle of Harris, Scotland

    Photos are available to view or buy now - like the ones below. In order to be able to sell pics this year I've had to use a bit of photo-sales software that isn't really an optimal solution for me (and possibly for you). When I was shooting lots of events a few years ago I had a different system in place that allowed me to sell different sized images at different prices, but because I am only shooting this one event this year it is not really viable. With this system I have had to choose one price point for an image that is fine for all on-line use but possibly a bit low-res if you wanted to make a big print. Hence I have also chosen to sell the pics at a middling sort of price. If you really want a hi-res version of any of these images please let me know via the contacts page and I will send one via e-mail for a couple of quid extra. Please click the link below to see the pics.

    LAMM pics


  • 3/4 June - The LAMM - Scotland

    LAMM Saturday pics
    LAMM Sunday pics
    LAMM prize giving

    I didn't shoot quite so much stuff out in the hills at the LAMM as I have in the past because I'm just not fit enough to keep up with the competitors after my illness. However, I did shoot some wilderness stuff and pics of every single finisher (that wanted to be photographed).

    Normally I sell the pictures I shoot through this website, but on this occasion I am going to put the pictures on flickr where anyone will be able to download them without making a payment - **HOWEVER**, what I would like people to do, if they download a picture, is to make a donation to the Anthony Nolan Trust, the charity that matches stem cell donors to recipients, without which I would now be dead

    (and while you're at it, if you're under 30 please also make sure you're on the donor register - it's very easy to do)

    When I sell my pictures I charge 7.45 so I am hoping that people will donate at least that to the charity if they (you) download a pic.

    Donate to Anthony Nolan Trust

    You may use the pics for any personal web or print use. If you have any commercial use in mind, please let me know.