2016 Update

Dear customers, friends, colleagues (and others),

In February 2014 I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia and had to cancel my planned jobs for 2014. During 2014 I spent on-and-off, six months in hospital, first having chemo-therapy and then a stem cell transplant. I then spent all of 2015 recouperating so again did no event photography. Now, at the start of 2016 I am starting to feel more like my old self, though I will still be taking drugs to supress my immune system for a few more months. Partly because of the effects of my illness, and partly because I no longer want to spend so many weekends away from my family at events I think it is unlikely that I will be doing my event photography from now on. However I would like to get back into editorial photography (and writing) for magazines, and am also planning on getting back into my previous career in PR work, as a freelance who can also shoot photos, to offer a one stop PR service for small businesses.

Jon Brooke

Find Your Picture

Click on Your Pix to see events we have photographed.
Pictures (jpeg image files) are available to view and buy in two sizes suitable for regular prints or enlargements, using a quick and simple system. They are fully searchable by bib/rider number where this is visible in the picture, or you can browse through a number of galleries. Payments are via Paypal (which includes credit card payments) and photos can then be downloaded instantly.
Our aim when covering an event is always to get at least one great image of each participant.
If you want to make prints from your image files (or create a calendar, mug or card etc.), we recommend PhotoBox Ltd who provide excellent quality prints, same day dispatch and low prices.

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